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Memories are fragile and they distort over time. At Ronnie Wolfe Studios, our main focus is to help our clients preserve their most treasured memories through photo and video. Ronnie Wolfe Studios will provide only the highest quality images and videos through the application and implementation of extensive experience from behind the camera and in post-production. We do this by paying attention to detail every step of the way and providing only the best possible customer service. At Ronnie Wolfe Studios, we greatly value the wholistic customer experience.


Ronnie Wolfe Studios will serve a wide range of customers and we will have clients who are local, from within the United States, and from all over the world. From the couple who is looking forward to their wedding day to the businessman or businesswoman who is looking for a professional portrait, Ronnie Wolfe Studios will provide only the best quality products and services. Our goal is to tell a story and add a few more smiles to the world by doing what we do best and what we love the most.


Customers and clients will choose Ronnie Wolfe Studios over any other competition because of the quality, creativity, and innovation that Ronnie Wolfe Studios offers. In addition, people will choose Ronnie Wolfe Studios because of the customer service and customer experience they will receive. From the moment a client or customer looks at our website all the way to when they receive their final product, their experience will surpass any experience they would have received at another studio.    





“When I was 7 years old, I received my very first camera, a Fisher Price 110 by Kodak, for Christmas. With that camera, I took a ton of pictures, but none were great. After all, taking pictures was just for fun. My true passion for photography did not come until almost 33 years later when I was hired to film a campus tour of Northwest College in Powell, WY. On that tour, we received an in-depth walk-through of the photo department. I was struck by awe as one of the photography department coordinators walked us from different photo studios to the computer labs, the prop room, the camera gear room, and all of the photography dry labs. I had no idea that Northwest College had such an amazing photo program and I immediately knew that I had to sign up. At that time, I had already worked as a professional in the video industry for a few years, but I had never actually received formal training or professional development. So, I figured that by joining the photography department at NWC I could learn some of those skills that I felt that I was missing.


Now, you may be thinking that this is the moment that sparked my passion for photography. It was not. That moment came when I had to go on an outdoor photography trip to Yellowstone. Every year, the photo department takes students to Yellowstone National Park. I didn’t want to go, but it was a requirement. One of the stops on the trip was a hike down to a waterfall. I had no intentions on making that hike down to the falls, but somehow, I ended up down at the bottom standing in the middle of the river. With my tripod legs flipped, so that I could get my camera as close to the water as possible, I pushed the shutter button. A three second audible timer counted down and my shutter opened for three seconds and closed back up. Then, the image appeared on the back of the camera. My jaw dropped. I had just taken my first really good photo. This was the first photo that I felt truly proud about. And that was the moment that sparked my passion for photography.


Creative freedom is what I enjoy most about being a professional photographer. Most people, they can’t see their good qualities through what they think are bad ones. But when I take a portrait or a video and I point out and show people their good qualities, there is that glow in their eyes as their self-confidence is lifted. As a photographer, that moment of joy and happiness is what I want to be a part of.


Where do I want my photography to take me? Imagine this. The sound of waves crashing on a shoreline and the ocean breeze running through the leaves of palm trees while my shutter is crunching away, capturing glimpses of all those treasured moments. 


In two weeks, I will graduate for the first time in my life and I will receive my associates of applied science degree in photographic communications and my associates of arts degree in general studies. While enrolled in the photography department at NWC, I completed 16 courses in photography that allowed me to build and expand upon those skills that I was missing. I gained valuable knowledge and understanding about the many techniques that need to be applied into making a photo unique and authentic. I learned how to set up lights and I learned how to work in a studio with models and assistants. I learned how to be a product photographer and I found my passion and desire to become one of the best portrait photographers in the world”.

| One frame | One moment | One chance to tell a story |

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